DB&B Philippines Designs Trend Micro Local Headquarters

DB&B Philippines, Inc. a leader in corporate interior design in the country and in the Asia Pacific Region reached another milestone when it was chosen to design and construct the new global headquarters of Trend Micro.

Trend Micro is a global leader in network antivirus and internet content.

The new premises of Trend Micro occupy five floors of the new Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas. It serves as global head office for TrendLabs, the company’s research, development and support center with 1,200 employees performing different functions of research and development, corporate support and information systems and business applications. This number is more than ¼ of the company’s total personnel population worldwide.

Trend Micro’s mandate to DB&B is to create a work environment that is  “clean and simple.” The company wanted a progressive, modern and minimalist inspired work environment. It wanted to promote more provocative personal exchanges among employees.

To this end, DB&B came up with a concept which is first and foremost utilitarian yet made unique by the inspired use of colors and textures.

The lobby located on one side of the 8th floor is sleek with frosted glass doors that open to a well lit reception area. Painted gypsum walls provide textural contrast. A graphic wall art behind the reception area contains words and pictures that depict the core functions of TrendLabs. This vignette somehow makes the area pop visually.

A small grouping of guest chairs in solid red and black provide a sharp contrast to the aesthetic feel of the section. The cushioned chairs are reminiscent of traditional winged back sofas and are comfortably covered in  Italian velvet fabric.

All five floors from the 7th to the 11th are outfitted with between 300 to 350 cubicles. DB&B cleverly used color to break the monotony of this set up. Each floor is drenched in a different color palette as reflected in the carpeting and cubicles. Huge structural pillars are likewise bathed in complimenting shades.

Thus, the 7th floor is in light blue, 8th floor in lime green, 9th floor in lilac, 10th floor in aquamarine and 11th floor in orange.

Break out areas are scattered in all floors with the appearance of the same winged back sofas in the same solid colors of black and red.

On the 9th, 10th and 11th floors is situated what the company calls its ‘command center.’ This is an elevated section that overlooks the work area with strategically placed wide screens at the back. The Quality Assurance Staffs occupy this area during operating hours.  To make this area stand out, the low gypsum wall partitions were painted in dark grey.

In most offices that occupy several floors, traffic flow direction is almost always confused. To solve this, DB&B cleverly repeated the design of the lobby door on all floors placing it on the same side where the formal lobby is situated.  This visual cue has become a most welcome element minimizing confusion among employees and guests.

Open work areas with very subtle hints of hierarchy are consistently used in all five floors. This is in answer to the client’s mandate of promoting more personnel interaction and at the same time encourages open communication, a core value of Trend Micro.  The open floor plan also maximizes natural light.

It is, however, the pantry that features a design standout. A floor to ceiling ‘blackboard’ installation dominates a wall. Employees are encouraged to write short messages and share quotes. Colored chalk is provided. The resulting script and block handwriting, doodles and what have you lend a ‘human touch’ to the space.

This spacious area overlooks the Pasig environs as seen through a glass walled section that goes out into a small terrace. A “wellness corner” nearby has exercise equipment.

The pantry design is clean, simple and is filled with white laminated top tables and matching white PVC chairs. A comfortable sectional sofa is cleverly placed in one corner.  Bar height chairs in neon shades provide a splash of color.

Trend Micro’s business model sometimes requires staff to sleep overnight. To address this need, DB&B designed practical sleeping areas for male and female employees situated on the 9th floor. Colorful beddings make up for what would have been plain lodgings. Separate shower rooms are also incorporated in the floor plan.

Trend Micro’s corporate color is red. The shade is ingeniously applied in key areas all throughout.

All the fittings in the spanking headquarters are new except for the swivel staff chairs which the company brought over from its old premises. DB&B incorporated the design, height and color of the seating to the new look.

Arvin Barcena, Trendlab’s PH Head-Administration has this to say, “Trend Micro chose to partner with DB&B primarily because they have had sufficient experience in outfitting offshore IT and BPO firms, whose nature of operations and infrastructure closely resemble that of TrendLabs.”

“They are also arguably the biggest design and build firm in the country, with a solid regional backing which gives it an edge in terms of multi-cultural expertise, manpower resource, procurement and financing. “

“DB&B also ensures that client servicing continues even after the project handover, this is another value-added proposition unique to them, Barcena concludes.

“DB&B considers it a privilege to work with Trend Micro,” says DB&B Country Head Melot Sunga – Panlilio. We are proud to be chosen as their design and build partner for this landmark project which is the biggest of all their company offices in Asia.

Press Release 2010