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Bright Power Semiconductors have recently moved into their 55,500 square feet office in Shanghai, China. Being one of the leading semiconductor and virtual IDM companies, they wanted to create a futuristic workplace that drives innovation and inspires their employees to continually explore the possibilities technology can bring.

Taking into consideration their goals and understanding how they work, DB&B’s Shanghai team incorporated smart technology to design a revolutionary experience for employees and visitors as they journey through the office space. Guided by the principles of WELL Design, this new office also embodies BPS’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and employee wellness and is currently in the process of receiving its Well Design certification.


Aligned with the concept of a modern and futuristic space, the colours used in this office takes on a monochromatic spectrum, with light tones of wood and pops of accent colours. At the front office, a generous space is carved out to welcome guests and employees, and to host the connecting staircase between the first two levels of the office.

To facilitate product demonstrations and corporate introductions, a large interactive screen with touchless motion sensors is also mounted onto the adjacent wall, offering an immersive and seamless presentation experience. The raised platform at the base of the stairs is thoughtfully elevated to serve as additional seating for guests.

Meeting rooms are designed with the highest standards of conferencing capabilities. Each room is equipped with an interactive screen which doubles up as a digital whiteboard for brainstorming sessions. Microphones and speakers are concealed within the ceilings to improve overall the acoustic experience. To enable employees to plan their schedules efficiently, room availabilities are reflected in a smart booking system.


Focusing on employee wellness, an exercise space was carved out to encourage an active lifestyle during breaks or after working hours. Teapoints are also located every 25metres to increase accessibility to water. Air quality is checked frequently through an advanced air ventilation system to ensure clean airflow and ambient temperatures throughout the office. Additional desktop lighting is also provided to all employees to enhance visual comfort while working.


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