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46,000 Square Feet

Joining forces with real estate company City Developments Limited (CDL), China-based Distrii successfully unveiled the largest and tech-driven co-working facility in May 2018, located in CDL’s Republic Plaza at Raffles Place, in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District. Occupying more than 62,000 square feet across six floors, the facility provides amenities including more than 900 work stations, private work spaces and customizable team spaces, a 200-pax capacity multi-purpose hall and a food & beverage outlet.

A Tech-Driven Workspace

DB&B worked with Distrii to achieve the objective of transforming the way people work. As this is Distrii’s first foray out of their base in China, the facility had to undergo thorough design thinking process right from the onset. Distrii is designed to support its users in every way through comfort, technology optimization and customized work settings.

One Space Fits All

Diversifying from the usual office set-up, Distrii aims to operate in a more organic manner. Work settings include private and customized spaces as well as flexible, hot-desking areas available for bookings.

Mixture of open and enclosed workspaces available at Distrii to suit different work needs.

Value added space planning to utilize every corner of Distrii as a functional space.

The design value adds to the new concept with strategic space planning that maximises real estate efficiency. Every space in Distrii is configurable and tailored to user needs. One such example would be the hot-desking area below the staircase, an unusual place to design for a work setting. The area is given a “café-bar” treatment, elevating the hospitality look and feel.

SMART Office Integration – Technology as Enablers

One of the key success factor of this project effectively integrated Distrii’s proprietary enterprise collaboration and productivity tools to its physical space. This included a mobile application that is backed by a cloud-based system and Internet of Things Technology (IoT), focusing on office tools and social circles. The application provides access and booking of meeting rooms, as well as supporting video conferencing and internal administration management. Letting users stay connected both online and offline, Distrii provides an engaging space for its users.

Working at Home

Distrii thematic approach exudes warm hospitality with the use of residential furniture and a homely colour palette.

In addition to designing around the needs of the users, the design inspires users by making them feel right at home with a “resi-mercial” design approach, designing the office as we would a home. For a start, the design introduced residential furniture such as sofa and coffee table setting that could work as a discussion area or a personal workspace. Coupled with warm ambient lighting, and the clever interplay of wooden trellis and chevron-shaped flooring pattern with dark turquoise boiserie paneling, Distrii becomes a homely and warm co-working space.

Refreshing biophilic elements around the co-working space to energize the surroundings.

Biophilic elements are infused to energize the work environment by providing health and wellness to the surroundings. Bearing in mind that the users are the most important people to design for, Distrii’s space design connects the multi-level facility with a grand staircase that provides the backbone of connectivity. The staircase is naturally flanked with plenty of greenery in line with sustainability efforts and nourishing the work environment.


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