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Air Liquide (Plant Office)





8,800 Square Feet

Following the successful delivery of our first project with Air Liquide at Vision Exchange, we were tasked to create a new office space for their plant at Jalan Buroh. This new space pays homage to the original design concepts at their main office –the incorporation of curve lines, pops of branding coloursand a touch of biophilia.
Caption: Situated at Jalan Buroh, this is our second design & build project delivered for Air Liquide.
Caption: Following the successful delivery of their main office at Vision Exchange, we were invited to create a new office space for their plant located at Jalan Buroh.
Caption: To introduce biophilia into the office space, we incorporated a plant wall that spans across the pantry space. This lush greenery brings nature into the workplace and enlivens its surroundings.
Caption: Coupled with natural light from the windows, this welcoming space is where most social exchanges take place. Corporate colours are cleverly infused into the furniture selection to bring out the company’s identity.
Caption: Seating up to 20pax, we kept the design style of the board room professional with a muted colour palette.
Caption: To enhance agility and collaboration, we introduced huddle spots near the work stations. Planter boxes are strategically positioned to provide privacy and add to the biophilic elements in the space.
Caption: On the second level, a mini pantry is made accessible to grab a quick snack or coffee. It also serves as an option for casual discussions in small groups. Acoustic dividers act as a sound barrier and an accessory to the space.


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